Waterproofing Blundstones

Blundstones, Blunnies, whatever you call them, you can do anything and everything in them. They are your go to footwear on a rainy day, a cold autumn day, a snow day, or the brightest sunny day ever. Blundstones are a great shoe with endless capabilities, so make your favourite pair, last longer with a few simple steps:

Leather Blundstones:

Clean: Using 1 Part Vinegar and 3 Parts Water

Remove the insoles. Using a spray container combine 1 Part Vinegar and 3 Parts Water. Spray your boots and wipe them down with a lint free rag. (This will remove those pesky salt stains)




Drying: Use Newspaper for Quicker Dry Times

Always dry your Blundstones at room temperature – never by or with a heat source. Stuff with newspaper for a quicker dry time.


Condition: Use appropriate Blundstone Conditioner

Using your fingers or a cloth, rub the appropriate Renovating Cream / Conditioner: Black, Brown, Cherry and Rustic, all over the boot. Pay special attention to the more worn areas and where sole meets leather.  Reconditioning your Blundstones every couple of months will help prolong the life of the boots. (Renovating Cream is key to extending the life of your blundstones)




Waterproof:  Spray on Blundstone Waterproof Spray

Use Blundstone Waterproof Spray the exterior Leather of the boot. Re-apply as Needed.





Nubuck & Suede:



Clean: Using Nikwax Cleaning Gel

Remove insole. Apply Nikwax cleaning gel, using the sponge applicator to the surface of the boot.  Gently scrub the surface of the Nubuck or Suede with a hard brush, to bring back the nap of the leather.  



Protect: Spray on Blundstone Waterproof Spray or Nikwax Nubuck & Suede

Use Blundstone Waterproof Spray, to the exterior Leather of the boot. Apply as directed. Re-apply as Needed.




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