Upper No Name In February

Thank goodness that flowing water doesn’t freeze!

This is a winter update from Ottawa Paddle Shack team paddlers Marcos Gallegos and me (Adam Chappell). Last week we when on a little trip to the middle channel on the Ottawa River. No big deal, unless the road isn’t a road and is more of a snowmobile trail. But with a few shovels and a 4×4 we managed to get there, buck up, and get on the water/ice and shoot some sweet video.

This was also the first time that i had my CARBON ALL STAR on a fair sized wave and WOW
just WOW!

The level was about 11 feet, the eddys were full of ice, and it was -4 degrees. Great paddling conditions , if i say so myself!

Big thanks to Jean-Nicolas Cyr for all the pictures and video!