New Gatineau Park Ski Condition Map

If you are planning a day out on one of Gatineau Park’s many ski trails then we have some good news. Getting information on trail conditions has never been easier thanks to the NCC’s new interactive trail map! Weather you are planning on strapping on classic, backcountry, or skate skis this map will have you planning a route in no time!

Opening the new interactive map (found here) you will find the web of ski trails, there are two map options that provide specific trail information for classic and backcountry skiers or skate skiers. Pick the type of skiing you will be doing and start exploring trails.

Click on the section of trail you are thinking of skiing and you will find information on everything from ski conditions to difficulty level, and warnings of particularly steep hills.  Regular updates include information on most recent grooming, and when the area was last patrolled.

With access to such detailed trail information all there is left to do is wax up your skis and hit the road into Gatineau Park!

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