Jamaican Adventures


On a recent trip to Jamaica’s north coast I had the opportunity to take part in a variety of action packed adventures. I stayed in the port town of Ocho Rios, but a lot of these activities are easily accessed from the more popular Montego Bay. Now a winter trip to the Caribbean always means R&R on the beach, but if you are looking for a little adventure to spice up your next vacation these are the activities for you!

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise (2)

It’s hard to pick, but I think this was the highlight of my trip! For about $20CAN you get to spend the better part of the afternoon exploring waterfalls, hidden caves, jumping off cliffs, and flying off rope swings! First we climbed up up up, to the first waterfall where we posed for some nice photos then we headed down through a series of jumps, swings, and swims. Our guides not only knew the exact right rocks to step on (and the ones to avoid), they were also amazing photographers, capturing our entire adventure, and made sure to take note of any injuries or fears (claustrophobia) that we had. They were accommodating, and always had a secondary option available for us. I would highly recommend wearing your most supportive/covering swim suit (I did not and ran into several… “problems” throughout the day) and good sturdy water shoes. I wore my Teva originals, but if I were to go back again I would opt for my Keen Clearwaters.

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise

We drove to Montego Bay to head out on the sunset cruise hosted by Dreamer Catamaran, and it was EXCELLENT! From the moment we checked in, until the moment we (sadly) departed the boat, I had a blast. Our cruise included a little tour around the bay, snorkeling, a stop at the famous Jimmy Buffett’s Margaretville, and a final sail back during sunset. The staff on board the ship were wonderful hosts for the entire journey. My advice for this adventure would be to bring as little as possible; a camera, swimsuit, cover-up, and a pack towel to dry off is really all you need (oh and some money if you plan to buy anything at Margaretville… personally I spent my time on the water slide).

Dreamer Catamaran Cruise (1)

Chukka tours led us down the White River in inner tubes. It’s mostly a lazy river, but every now and again you come across some (small) white water. It was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon with a Red Stripe in hand. Our tour guide not only led us safely down the river, but was also very knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna and taught us about local species the whole way down. River tubing wasn’t the most action packed activity of the trip, but who wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon on a natural lazy river?

Check out a video of the adventures below:

5 Girls Jammin from Elly Dumouchel on Vimeo.