Why invest in a SUP bag?

Why it’s important:

Heat Guard
Board bags are insulated to keep your bag protected from too much heat. Since SUPs have foam cores heat can get inside inner air pockets and expand which can lead to problems such as de-lamination. On top of having a board bag it is important to remember to always store your board long term in cooler condition.

While driving with your SUP on your vehicle a board bag will help prevent the possibility of stones chipping the paint and causing possible damage.

Scratch and Dust Protection
Storing your SUP in a bag will help keep it looking its best by protecting it from dust when the board is stored long term and scratches that can happen at any time.

UV Protection
UV rays are can wear on your board, fading the colours, using a board bag help keeps your SUP looking shiny and new!

Board bags are a key factor to safely storing your SUP long term. A board bag will protect your SUP to ensure when you bust it out next season it is looking as perfect as the day you put it away.

What to look for:

Make sure the bag has adequate padding so that it really does have a chance to protect your board from dings or scratched if it was to be accidentally dropped off a car, or while carrying it.

Make sure the bag has multiple handles so you have multiple carrying options and additional tie down spots if needed (make sure to only use the handles as secondary, back up tie downs and not your primary attachment points!) . The handles should be well sewn and have a padded handle of some sorts

Inspect the size of the teeth of the zipper on the bag. The teeth should be of a heavy gauge and be larger then a zipper found on your winter coat. The smaller the zipper teeth the more stressed they will become under pressure and they will likely fail sooner then a heaver gauged zipper.
Note:Make sure to lubricate the zippers occasionally and to make sure that there is no sand in the teeth when you go to zip it up as it can cause damage and stress the zipper to the point that it may break

Reflective or Non Heat Absorbing Panel
Your board bag should have a reflective panel or lining, commonly made out of a tarp like material that can be sliver, grey or white. This panel helps to keep the air cooler inside the board by reflecting the heat from the sun. Make sure this side if facing up towards the sun when you are transporting the board.

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