Introducing Armerlite Canoes


Trailhead Canoe, a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of canoes and paddlesports products, has announced a new-to-Canada canoe material: Armerlite.

Armerlite is a thermo composite material composed of an interwoven glass fiber with polypropylene plastic. The material is layered in a canoe mold, vacuum bagged and cooked in a large oven where the polypropylene and fiber melt together to create a solid bond. The result is a very strong and abrasion resistant canoe, perfect for wilderness tripping and river running.

“Armerlite has been tested and canoed in Europe for 10 years,” said Jason Yarrington, Trailhead Canoes co-owner. “Kids camps and outfitters will now have a durable canoe material they can trust.”

With Royalex off the market, composite canoes have been getting stronger than ever. However, “I didn’t feel good about selling composite canoes to outfitters and camps knowing that they’ll get banged up and need fixing up all the time,” says Yarrington. “So, I brought over something I’m happy to be selling to [that demographic].”

Trailhead Canoe will offer Armerlite in their new Regen series, in 15, 16 and 17-foot lengths. The Regen series features a Prospector-style hull, without the recurved bow and stern. The boats will be available in red and yellow.

In one of the Armerlite Regens, “Paddling across the lake is just as enjoyable as running the river,” said Trailhead Canoe manager Kevin Cook. “It’s not just for kids camps and outfitters, all canoe paddlers will be happy with Armerlite durability.” Named after the German word for Rain, “Regen” is also the name of the town that the hulls are made in, in Germany. After receiving the hulls from Germany, Trailhead Canoe will add the trim and outfitting.


Prices range on the Armerlite Regens range from $2,749 to $2,899, and weights range from 60 to 69 pounds.

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