Hiking Boots

Spring is here and hiking season is in full bloom! The store is stocked full of all of the best brands of shoes to help you get out and explore.

Low Hiking


We have our tried and true staples, Moab Ventilator and Moab Waterproof, fit great, feel great, look great. Merrell adds the Moab FST series which is based off the popular Moab line but makes it sleeker and faster looking for everyday walking or fast hikes. The Salida Trekker for women is our best seller for a fantastic low hiker


Offers their solid line up with Targhee Low II for both men and women, along with the Alphex for out of the box comfort and great looks also available in men’s and women’s styles.

We have three more brands that are we call our Euro collection. Lowa with the Renegade Lo, Salewa with the Mountain Trainer, and Firetail 3, and AKU with their NEF Gtx model and the Bellamont Suede, all for men and women. These three companies make their products in Europe with old world craftsmanship and style. They have outstanding designs, colour, fit and feel. Nearly every time we fit someone into one of these shoes, they come back and tell us how great they fit and feel, and how long they last. You may pay a bit more for them, but you always do for quality, and that is what you get here.


Outside + Bozeman= Oboz.  Some folks have heard of them some haven’t. A relative newcomer on the footwear scene, they have only been around for about 12 years, but they have grown into a very good shoe company. Once you try these shoes on you will notice the quality immediately. They are built with a solid base and tough good looking leather uppers. Oboz is a very environmentally conscious company, they go to great efforts to offset their carbon footprint, and planting one tree for every boot sold (currently over 1.3 million planted). Come in and check the Sawtooth, and Bridger Low models, for both men and women, in waterproof BDry and non-waterproof. Clean great fitting.

Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots are one item that you should really shop around for. Try, try, and try again, until you find which boot is perfect for you foot. Finding a boot that fits your foot will make all the difference out on the trail. We pride ourselves on our hiking boot selection, it is vast in both style, and price, so we should be able to find something that fits you. If we don’t have exactly what you want and we can get it, we will order in for you.


Great boots with the Breeze GTX, this is fabric and leather so it’s lightweight, Gore Tex so it’s breathable, and has a TPU shank that offers support and the right amount to stiffness in the sole to make it comfortable. Treat this boot right and it will take care of you for a long time.


We have picked what we think is the best of Salomon for value. The X Ultra Mid GTX for men and women has served a lot of people very well. It continues to be a great fabric and leather boot that fits the Salomon foot very well. Do you have a Salomon foot, come in and find out. In men’s we also offer the Quest Prime GTX which offers fantastic support.


We have a couple of models of Keen but a favourite would be the American built Durand, which offers great stability, traction, and support at a very good price. For both men and women.

Five Ten

This brand is normally thought of as a bike, water, or climbing brand, but they came out with a boot that are absolutely fantastic, it looks and fits great! The rubber on the sole is the absolute stickiest rubber we have ever seen. This boot will not slide, move, shake or shimmy no matter how hard you try to make them slip. It is amazing and definitely worth a look.

THE BIG 4; AKU, Salewa, Hanwag, and  Lowa, – our four Euro brands are some of the best boots on the market.


We only started carrying AKU about 2 years ago with just one boot called the all leather Tribute. The leather lined inside, when broken in and worn, forms to you foot and makes sliding into these an absolute pleasure. If you take care of these boots they will last for many new soles. AKU also has the Slope GTX, a fabric and leather boot, and the Bellamont Plus GTX. These two boots carry the same Italian quality that the Tribute offers. If you are going on any hike (I was going to say serious hike) and you want a really solid quality boot you have to try on the Super Alp. It looks like it might be too much boot but once you try it on, see how light it is and feel how well it fits, it will end up going home with you.


This boot company is very well known in Europe for their climbing shoes, equipment, and apparel. We have the Alp Flo GTX for men and women and the Mountain Trainer GTX for men. Honestly you have to come in and try these boots on. They look like they are too much boot, or they won’t fit because of the climbing shaped toe, but they are really comfortable and solid. Every time we view the new lineup we are always impressed with how well they fit.


Hanwag and Lowa have a family connection, in that two brothers each started their own boot brand in Germany. Both are from the Bavarian area of Germany. Both brands are excellent quality and value for the dollar. Both have different fits.

With Hanwag they have both leather lined and GoreTex boots. If the leather lined boots are cared for properly they can be just as waterproof and sometimes more comfortable than a GoreTex boot. The Tatra for men and women are boots that offer both and comes in widths. The fit of this boot is phenomenal, you honestly have to try them on and see what we mean. In the Tatra series they have what is called Tatra Bunion. This boot is built for exactly what it’s name implies. If you have a Bunion on the outer side of your foot, the toe box is wider to allow for this. It works, try the boot on see what you think.

Hanwag also has the Banks their best selling boot in the line up, fabric and leather, Gore Tex, fits like a nicely worn glove. Yak Yak Yak no not laughing, but Hanwag makes the Lhasa out of Yak leather, very supple, and durable. Once again if taken care of this boot will last a lifetime. The supple Yak leather allows for a fit comfortable fit, adding the Yak leather durability.


Lowa has an extensive offering of products, we have concentrated on their Renegade products and Vantage. The Renegade comes in multiple widths, leather, Gore Tex, and a variety of colours. It fits really well right out of the box. Some people can wear this boot from the box and hit the trail right away. The Vibram out-sole offers great traction and durability. The Renegade has such a popular design with the Mono Wrap Frame, that they also make this pattern in a low hiker, with almost the same torsional stiffness, for a great solid feel.

The Vantage is a true solid hiking boot, with Leather and Nylon upper construction, and a mid foot Nylon shank, and a Polyurethane midfoot for support. They have a Thermopalstic urethane toe, and heel cover for protection against the elements. The Vantage also uses Lowa’s Mono Wrap Frame. Come in, try them on take them home for 10 days see how they feel. Don’t go outside until you are positive these are the right boots.

One more important piece of the puzzle is the person fitting you. Our staff have been trained to give you the proper fit for you foot so that the boot will feel comfortable the day you buy and even better after you’ve broken it in. We are active outdoor people so someone in the store has probably hiked a hike you are going on, walked the trail you are walking on, or has plans to head there soon – so they can offer advice on boots, socks, apparel, the do’s and don’ts.

These are just some of the products that we have in store ready to go. We have more models, more colours, more boots to try on. Come on in and see what we have to offer you, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.