Introduction to Cross-Country Skis

So you’re looking for some cross-country skis? This first time buyers guide aims to help you find the perfect skis to get outside and have some fun! There are many types of cross-country skis, each of them geared to a specific type of skiing. The three types are; classic skiing, backcountry skiing, and skate skiing…. Read More

Ottawa / Gatineau Ski Trails

Cross country skiers in the Ottawa / Gatineau Region are a lucky bunch, we’ve got great xc-skiing opportunities all over the city. Get your skis, boots, poles, clothing and wax and hit the trails! Gatineau Park Ski Trails With options for skate skiing, classic skiing and back-country skiing, Gatineau Park boasts over 50 different ski… Read More

Cross Country Ski Waxing

Preparing New Skis Waxless Ski Cleaning Waxless Ski Maitenance Removing Hard and Soft Wax Removing Klister Applying Hard Glide Wax Applying Liquid Glide Wax