#TrailheadTips: Paddling with your Pooch

We all love paddling across a sparkling lake in the summer, now imagine doing that with Doggo by your side.  Bringing your pooch on a paddling trip can be a tricky endeavour, and that’s why we created a quick guide for making it as easy as possible: You’re equipped with a lifejacket, water bottle and… Read More

#TrailheadTips: You’ve got a SUP! Now what?

You’ve treated yourself to a Stand Up Paddle Board, now what do you do? We talked to our staff here at Trailhead Paddle-Shack and asked what tips they have for the first time out on a Stand Up Paddle Board. With their feedback we’ve got some quick tips to get you comfortable on the water and… Read More

Boat Storage Tips

Although it feels like summer outside, winter will shortly start to creep in and so it will be time to retire the paddling gear for a few months. While the snow and ice are blustering outside it’s important to store you canoe, kayak and / or SUP properly to ensure your gear is good as… Read More

Why invest in a SUP bag?

Why it’s important: Heat Guard Board bags are insulated to keep your bag protected from too much heat. Since SUPs have foam cores heat can get inside inner air pockets and expand which can lead to problems such as de-lamination. On top of having a board bag it is important to remember to always store… Read More

How to Make the Best of Cold Weather Paddling

Longer days and overflowing rivers have already been drawing quite the crowd this year, especially with the record high water levels we’ve been seeing all over the Ottawa area. Whitewater enthusiasts know this makes for thrilling river runs and great surfing, but these conditions also open up many options for flatwater boaters to explore winding… Read More

Starboard 2016 Inflatable SUP Construction

Starboard has been an innovator in the world of board sports for over 20 years, constantly pushing the industry with innovative designs and construction techniques. The 2016 season is no different, bringing among other things, a complete redesign of Starboard’s inflatable sup lineup, with the introduction of several new models as well as new constructions…. Read More

How To Choose a Flatwater Kayak Paddle

So you just got a kayak, next thing you’ll need is a paddle, you wouldn’t want to be up the creek without one. Choosing a proper paddle is important, after all it is your engine out on the water! Paddle Length: Adult sized kayak paddles for flatwater paddling typically measure between 210cm and 260cm  (whitewater… Read More

Kayak Materials 101

There are a wide variety of materials used in the construction of kayaks. Choosing the right material depends on several factors including weight, durability, performance, and your budget. The three main types of materials used are polyethylene plastics, thermoformed plastics and composite materials (fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber). Polyethylene Plastic First used in the 1970’s… Read More

How To Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board

Unless you’ve been living in the desert, or hiding under a rock in a cave on Mars, you’ve probably heard of stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short. This sport takes its roots from the surfing and canoeing culture of Polynesia, and has exploded on to the world stage over the last 5 years…. Read More

Washing Gore-Tex

These techniques apply to washing most water-proof breathable garments.