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Introduction to Cross-Country Skis

So you’re looking for some cross-country skis? This first time buyers guide aims to help you find the perfect skis to get outside and have some fun! There are many types of cross-country skis, each of them geared to a specific type of skiing. The three types are; classic skiing, backcountry skiing, and skate skiing…. Read More

Starboard 2016 Inflatable SUP Construction

Starboard has been an innovator in the world of board sports for over 20 years, constantly pushing the industry with innovative designs and construction techniques. The 2016 season is no different, bringing among other things, a complete redesign of Starboard’s inflatable sup lineup. With the introduction of several new models as well as new constructions…. Read More

Introducing more Eco Friendly Brands

Trailhead Paddle Shack is all about the outdoors, and we want to help preserve the outdoors for many generations to come. One of the ways we are doing this is, buying from companies that are environmentally conscious with their manufacturing, choices of suppliers and materials. We are introducing two such companies at the store this… Read More

Patagonia Leading the Corporate Eco-Consciousness Trend

Thanksgiving is coming up and we thought this was a good opportunity to talk about a growing trend in the industry that we are thankful for; the growing eco-conscience of sports apparel manufacturers. Patagonia has been at the forefront of this trend since it was founded in 1973. Patagonia’s mission statement is: “Build the best… Read More

Hiking in The Ottawa Area

Ottawa, Gatineau and the surrounding area are blessed with thousands of kilometers of hiking trails. The trails are varied in length, access, types of trails and their uses. Most people think of the Gatineau Hills when they consider going for a hike, but the Ottawa area offers hikes in all directions. In the east end… Read More

Why You Need a Sleeping Bag Liner

Whether you are looking to extend the life of your sleeping bag, protect yourself from bedbugs, or add a bit of warmth and versatility to your sleeping system, a sleeping bag liner is what you need! Shape Mummy sleeping bag liners are designed to fit inside your sleeping bag. Rectangular liners can be used inside… Read More

How To Choose a Flatwater Kayak Paddle

So you just got a kayak, next thing you’ll need is a paddle, you wouldn’t want to be up the creek without one. Choosing a proper paddle is important, after all it is your engine out on the water! Paddle Length: Adult sized kayak paddles for flatwater paddling typically measure between 210cm and 260cm  (whitewater… Read More

Kayak Materials 101

There are a wide variety of materials used in the construction of kayaks. Choosing the right material depends on several factors including weight, durability, performance, and your budget. The three main types of materials used are polyethylene plastics, thermoformed plastics and composite materials (fiberglass, kevlar and carbon fiber). Polyethylene Plastic First used in the 1970’s… Read More

How To Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board

Unless you’ve been living in the desert, or hiding under a rock in a cave on Mars, you’ve probably heard of stand up paddle boarding, or SUP for short. This sport takes its roots from the surfing and canoeing culture of Polynesia, and has exploded on to the world stage over the last 5 years…. Read More