6 Reasons We Love Iceland


Iceland is any outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination and we here at Trailhead Paddle Shack are no exception to those who dream of exploring this island enigma. The rugged beauty calls to the adventurers in us. Ask any of our staff members who have visited what they love about Iceland and they will list reasons for days. Better yet come in and talk to staff who have upcoming trips and they will excitedly gush about their plans. Below are just a few of the reasons we love Iceland and why we think you will too!


There are no bad views in Iceland, at least I’ve never found one. In as little as a one hour drive the landscape can change endless times – one minute you are driving through moss covered lava fields, the next you are descending into a giant coastal fjord, the next minute a massive icefield comes into view. Each new view seemed impossibly more amazing than the last. That feeling never changed the 10 days I spent there.

View of the landscape just outside the Almannaskarðsgöng tunnel near the town of Höfn.

View of the landscape just outside the Almannaskarðsgöng tunnel near the town of Höfn.


Icelandic people are, simply put, overwhelmingly kind. Anyone I met on my trip was eager to help, open to lovely conversations and just downright friendly. Most school children are taught English from a very young age, so communicating was a breeze. Let’s be honest the Icelandic language is not one you can pick up after only a few days (at least I couldn’t).


Basalt columns on the black sand beach in the town of Vík, follow the 215 just outside of town to get to the beach.


Ever wanted to go inside a volcano? Explore an ice cave? Snorkel between two continents? Or SUP in a glacial lagoon? Iceland is the place for you! There is something for every type of adventurist in Iceland from simple hiking to multi day expeditions. Make sure to plan before you go, especially in the busy season, as things book up fast!


Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is a must stop visit along Ring Road, however make sure to stop on the ocean side as icebergs make their way out to the ocean and get wash up on shore.


After an action packed day a visit to one of Iceland’s many hot springs is an indulgence well earned. A nice soak in geothermal waters can be just what you need after a day of exploring cascading waterfalls. There are countless natural or man-made geothermal baths throughout the entire country. Sometimes you will even find the water in your accommodations’ showers using geothermal water – don’t worry your nose will help you determine which ones are which.


A geothermal area, Hverir, has many 100 degree boiling mudpools and steaming fumaroles.


Travel around Iceland is really quite simple, if you can handle round-abouts you are set to drive. Now don’t mistake me, there are many roads that require a skilled driver and 4WD but the main highway, Ring Road, that circles the island is a relative piece of cake. Armed with not much more than a map you will be able to navigate yourself wherever you need to go. Oh and don’t forget to watch out for sheep!


Sheep outnumber people in Iceland, by more than double, and often roam freely. Make sure to keep an eye out for these guys when driving!


There are waterfalls everywhere – I mean EVERYWHERE! On any given day drive you could see more waterfalls than you have in your whole life. Is it possible to get bored of looking at waterfalls? Not for me, but if it’s possible you’ll find out in Iceland.


The amount of spray the Skógafoss waterfall produces often results in a rainbow (or two) on sunny days.